Thursday, June 26, 2008

Growing Gills

Today was some seriously odd weather. As my grandmother would have said, "It almost rain but it mist." Ha! All day it was just so humid you could not believe it, there was no actual rain, but the air was just a fine veil of almost-rain all day.

It was one of those things that compelled everyone to say something about the weather. Everywhere I went, every line I stood in, each person I met said something along the lines of, "What's up with this? It's so humid I'm melting!"

It wasn't hot, not even warm really but it was so uncomfortable. You sweat standing still and the moisture just clung to everything. My clothes took on this permanently damp feel that was so very unpleasant. There was not the slightest puff of a breeze to bring relief, the leaves on the trees just did not move all day.

I was babysitting Zo this afternoon and he wanted to be held. Blech. Poor munchkin, he clearly has no idea that pressing his sticky baby flesh to me was not going to improve his situation. In the mid-afternoon I popped him into his stroller and went for a walk. He was much happier to be on the move and I was happier generating my own breeze by strolling than melting into a puddle being stationary.

He even zonked out after a while. The never-sleep-ever-baby!

I hope that tomorrow is going to be much less humid because if not I might grow some gills, or at least some moss.


Bethany Hissong said...

Hi Jess!! Thanks for commenting on the Kokeshi Show and you'll have to participate if I do something again! ;) I was just writing someone else about this crazy weather today!! I wanted to take the kids to the pool, but it looked like rain... then nothing...then sun... then shade! Ugh!!! I hope our whole summer isn't like this! I love your photos on the last post!

Jess in MA said...

Haha, it was so gross here today, I can only hope for better tomorrow- or at least different! Thanks for the comment. I will try to participate in an event, it looked like fun! I admit my artistic talents are limited to knitting and sewing, I really am terrible with drawing or painting!