Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Fun, Crazy Weekend

Sorry I haven't posted- A friend came in from out of town this last weekend. We spent three days running around like nuts and having a blast. We tooled around the Berkshires and wandered the little shops and galleries in Lenox, visited the only winery in Western Massachusetts and took the back roads everywhere. We went to the movies, played mini-golf, shopped and hid in the air conditioning a lot.

Ruth is a crazy woman who is also the most down to earth and upstanding human around. What an awesome combination. We always have a blast and I miss her like crazycakes when shes gone. Good thing we chat on IM about four hours a day. Good use of my time, yes?

Also, I am watching I Survived A Japanese Gameshow right now. I'm so going to television hell in a handbasket. It's the heat, it makes my brain incapable of watching the Masterpiece Theater I DVR'd.


Bethany Hissong said...

I understand... I wanted to watch Masterpiece Theater too but it seems like so much effort in the summer!! Isn't that sad?! I didn't remember that you lived in this area. I did see that one of the vendors sold at the Green Dragon too but I don't know where that is. An Eastern Market opened downtown this year so I'm going with a friend next Wed. They were smart... they hold it from 4pm to 7pm so people who work can go! Have a great day!

Jess in MA said...

Hey Bethany, thanks for stopping by! Yes, I actually grew up in your neck of the woods! You must go to The Green Dragon. It is a total delight. Even larger than Roots. Eat a soft pretzel the size of your head for me please, and maybe drink a birch beer if you go. It's in Ephrata, so not so far.

Felicia said...

Its great to have fun friends like that :)