Monday, June 9, 2008

Caved In

I caved. The AC is in.

I work from home with a computer on my lap and I just couldn't take the sweltering flesh-melting heat for one more second. I was totally planning on toughing it out for the three days- no problem. But then they keep adding on days that it will be above 95 and I am a fragile blossom in the heat. I can't take it!

It's 97 today and supposed to be 100 tomorrow. Then after that, it drops all the way down into the upper 80's. Wow, awesome.

So, I dragged the AC out of its storage box this morning and I assembled all the bits and pieces and stuck it in the window. I hate doing it because it blocks the only large window in the living room and in the evenings when it is nice and cool I would prefer to just have a window fan or the breezes, but non.

In good greeny news this model is super efficient and actually costs me less in electricity than running the fan. Hooray, environmental responsibility and comfort!

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