Monday, June 16, 2008

A Quick Visit

My mother made a quick visit this weekend. She came to pick up her new Akita from the breeders. This is going to be her final Akita since she's getting a smidge older now and in another 10 years or so a big, strong dog will not be a good match for her. So she hunted and hunted to find just the right dog to be her last Akita and she found her! She is a beautiful, smart and sweet little pup and I am sure she will be a good dog.
Isn't she sweet?

We picked her up on Sunday morning and drove to my cousin's soccer match. He's just four so it was very cute. He did a great job as goalie and stopped several balls. He was not so strong on defense because, just like all the other kids, he leaves his post and runs up to where the action is. His mom, my cousin, is the coach and she ran up and down the field tirelessly yelling and pointing and encouraging all the kids. Very fun!

Then it was off to another cousin's house for a Father's Day BBQ. There were approximately 4.7 million children there. They had even rented a jumpy house to keep them all busy. Thankfully the weather was gorgeous and the kids loved running around, playing with the new puppy and stuffing their faces. So did the adults.

A great day!

Also, my mother says that the mystery tree in the front yard is, "...some kind of Chestnut..." So maybe we have our answer! She's smart about plants.

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