Saturday, June 21, 2008

Olympic Trial Idiots

Dear Morons Sitting Behind The Still Rings (and a few others),

Yes, you.

Look, if someone has worked their whole damn lives to reach the Olympics could you show some respect? You look like you can barely make it up the stairs to your seats, so I doubt you know the effort that these young men and their entire families have made to get here. But really, use your small brains and try and work it out.

They (and the rest of America) don't need to see you waving, making faces, shaking your asses and letting your obnoxious four-year-old monkey dance for the cameras. Did you get lost? This is not a hockey game. Or a baseball game. Or a football game. It's the Olympic trials. This happens once every FOUR years. Could you pull yourselves together and sit still while these young men perform?

If you feel you must, then dance and mug for the camera during the million minutes that people are NOT performing. During the 60 seconds that these guys perform amazing feats of athletic grace and strength could you sit still?

I really wish I could reach through the television and slap you.

You've really done America proud, folks, really awesome.

Jess in MA


bridgmanpottery said...

Oh, I love you.

Jess in MA said...

Thanks.:) It just made me so damn mad...