Thursday, June 19, 2008

I'm A Flintstones Kid

I am a Flintstones kid. Ok, the kid part is clearly pushing it, but so what. Years ago in a fit of health consciousness I purchased a bottle of Centrum one-a-day vitamins. I hated them. Nothing against them, this was entirely my fault. They were just so...grown up...boring...lifeless. I think it took me six months to finish a bottle that should have lasted a month.

The next time I went to my doctor I asked, "Um, can I take Flintstones vitamins instead of the grown up Centrum type ones?" The doctor looked at me funny. I explained, "I know it's dumb, but I never remember or like to take the regular ones so I thought maybe, well, Flintstones." He continued to look at me funny. Then he laughed. Then he said, "Yes, you can take them if you want." I asked if I needed to take two a day or anything since I am not seven anymore, but he assured me that one was plenty.

So now I take Flintstones every day. I have managed to do this for years now. I rarely forget on a given day. I keep them by my kitchen sink so that I see them often and remember. I've even gotten the ones that have iron, so they're perfect for me.

In the past I tried the generic store version and I gotta say, not as good. I'm all for the less expensive generic whenever possible, but I would say that the purchase of the actual Flintstones is the way to go.

So, if you have been skipping your Centrum or whatever because it just has no zip. Take my advice, get yourself some Flintstones and feel the magic.
Look, I get a red Barney today. Not as good as my favorite purple Dino, but still, waaaaay better than boring!

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