Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Girl's Night! SATC

This evening I hit the theater with six loverly ladies to take in Sex And The City. Now, I actually barely ever saw the show and couldn't tell you that much about it apart from the cultural phenomenon parts that everyone knows. I only found it fun when in the company of others and never got into watching repeats on my own, especially not in their super abbreviated/edited TBS form. So, I had no big expectations of the movie.

I did get nervous when Darcel casually mentioned, just before the lights went down, "Oh, this is 2.5 hours by the way." Turns out that I never noticed the time passing. There was plenty of funny and the over-the-top bits were just in keeping with the style of the show. They didn't get bogged down in minute details from the show itself so could just figure out what was happening along the way without any trouble. They even did a quasi-mini-recap at the very beginning of the movie for those who weren't devotees of the show.

Some people had claimed it was unwitty, but I found that there were plenty of those moments where they made up a term or just so captured one of those moments you have with your girlfriends that you burst out laughing and poke the person sitting next to you.

Thereby entering the lexicon to be overused and abused in the coming weeks:

"I gotta get out of my Mexicoma"
"I'm an emotional cutter."

Leaving the theater in a flutter of girly laughter and good will I felt very Sex And The City, if by 'city' you mean a decidedly small town in semi-rural New England...

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