Friday, June 6, 2008

Farting On Command And Other Skillz

I am an only child. Only! I had lots of friends and many cousins but it is not the same as being a sibling. And it is most definitely not the same as being brothers. There are certain things that you learn to do as a brother. Things like say, farting on command.

Fiddle and Faddle can both do this. I swear. Faddle is a damn artist at it. Amidst gales of laughter and shrieks of horror he finds a way to pin down Fiddle and fart on him. There are screams of 'Safety!' and 'Doorknob!' as the foul stench fills the air.

Both boys think that this is the funniest thing to ever happen. Fiddle has been known to say, "Now that is comedy gold!" while holding his nose and pointing at Faddle.

Generally I evacuate the room and leave them to their revolting game. Eventually they run out of firing power.

This must be a skill only learned by brothers. Well, I guess I'd buy that there is some talented sister out there who can decimate her brother's nostrils at will, but I've never seen it.

The fabulous and horrifying pie graphic comes from an Aussie news site partnered with Dr. Karl, author of Begone With The Wind- a whole book of farts.

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