Sunday, June 22, 2008

On Piano Lessons Lost And Recitals Attended

As I mentioned, Faddle was not polite to his piano teacher two weeks ago. I had only taken him to one other piano lesson, so I was unaware that this was an ongoing problem. Oh, Faddle.

I had spoken with his mother, Tee, specifically about the events of that Friday. She wasn't happy with Faddle. She was also frustrated at the whole circumstance. The irony, Faddle likes piano- and he's good at it.

Fast forward to this last Friday and Tee called while having a horrible mommy day. They happen. You know they do. A lot. Those ungrateful wretches, better known as children, have no idea the havoc they wreak on the emotional well-being of their mothers. At least I hope they have no idea, because if they do- they're sadists!

In any case, one of the problems of the day was that Faddle's piano teacher had called and basically uninvited Faddle to any further lessons. Ouch. Man, this is saying something because that woman has the patience of Job! Also, she's an amazing teacher and it is entirely LAME that Faddle managed to blow this opportunity.

For heaven's sake, why on earth did he do it? He LIKES to play the piano. The teacher did all sorts of fun things, including getting him simple sheet music to his favorite music- Queen. He didn't even mind practicing. His 'issues with authority' are about to land him a boot up his ass by his mother.

He was going to have one more lesson and his recital on Saturday and then that's it. I feel really bad for Tee. She's frustrated and tired of trying to figure out the psyche of Faddle. She's no push-over and so I don't think he's a pain because of that. But this is a common problem with Faddle, he seems to get everything he wants in a situation and he STILL manages to be a total nightmare. He does it at school, with me, his piano teacher, his former sports coaches and even his parents. What is with that? Truly both the problem and the solution lie with Faddle, I think we can work to help him figure it out, but nothing any of us do is changing this behavior, this attitude, this suckitude.

In any case, on Saturday morning I got up and walked over to the recital hall. Tee and the boys were late- of course they were- they're late to everything. But luckily the recital was just getting started and the teacher (being no dummy) had scheduled Faddle well into the event. Also, this genius teacher split her students into two groups so that the recital only lasted 50 minutes. No lie! How awesome is that? No sitting through a billion precious snowflake recitals!

Truly the kids were both skilled and charming. I have no complaints. I thought I might need some sort of combat metal for agreeing to attend such an event for Faddle, but I actually enjoyed it. There were teeny kids who did one song and older kids who were quite talented and performed three songs. I totally loved the kid who not only played but sang- Jame's Taylor's Sweet Baby James. He even had everyone join in on the last chorus. Awesome. I really wished that we'd had a sing-along for John Denver's Take Me Home Country Roads as performed by a lovely little boy. I really would have rocked that one out.

Faddle did a good job. He also did a decent job of waiting for his turn and then sitting through the remaining performances. I don't know if Tee has informed him of the loss of his piano lessons yet. I'll catch up with her this week and see what the story is. What a waste.

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