Saturday, May 31, 2008

My Favorite Combo: Mini-golf and Ice Cream!

Fridays are an early dismissal at Fiddle and Faddle's fancy pants school, and usually we have a slate of pre-scheduled activities to accomplish, but this Friday was event free. Cool!

Looking around for a low-cost high-fun option I settle on some mini-golf and ice cream. Sweet!

I had never been to this particular mini-golf facility and as a grown up with an unnatural love of mini-golf I was looking forward to it. This is one of those spots that has mini-golf, a big driving range and batting cages all in one sprawling former-farm location.

Fiddle and Faddle did really well! Arming two brothers with metal sticks can really be a daunting proposal, and it could end bloody, but not today! They listened, they cheated only marginally and did nothing mean to each other.

Also, to my surprise and happiness no one was in tears at any point. Fiddle is particularly inclined to allow his frustration with himself or his brother to overwhelm him so that he winds up in angry tears. To Fiddle's credit he stayed calm when the ball took a bad turn and wound up in a bad spot. His reward- he tied me for first place!

The course was kickin' it old skool with just simple, plain greens using bumps, rocks and angled boards to provide the challenges. The landscaping was pretty, and the course wound around a waterfall and pond as well as gazebos and shrubs. My only problem with this mini-golf course, and really, isn't it a universal problem, was that it was in a blazing sun-scorched sahara of open field. Whhhhhy are mini-golf courses always built with not one scrap of sheltering shade?

I am a pasty, pale, fragile blossom of a girl and by the time we had wrapped up our trip through the course I was starting to turn pink. Blech. I try to carry sunscreen around, but I happened to be out at the moment. [Note to self: Restock Sunscreen, pasty]

To wrap up our afternoon we enjoyed some delicious local ice cream. Yum. My favorite thing ever. I could eat ice cream ever single day. Every. Single. Day

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Bethany Hissong said...

I am laughing because I've had the same sort of day! We love mini-golf, but you're right--they usually have NO shade! Thanks for reading my blog...enjoy the rest of your weekend!