Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Summer Morning

Oy, so Wednesday has found me making the early morning trek to the Home of Fiddle and Faddle (HOFF). As mentioned before, it is almost an hour drive. This week the sun was a little higher in the sky since we're still heading into the heart of summer. There were virtually no clouds in the sky so the brilliant morning colors did not last long before turning to bright blue and pure sun. Summer really has come to the Valley and it is gorgeous, even at my crankiest morning hour.

The yellow rays of the sun slanted over the tops of the trees and across the fields. Freshly furrowed, the rich soil looked perfect.

Parts of the forest areas was still quite dark, but as I topped the hills the sun would burst through.

My drive-by photography does no justice to how beautiful the apple orchards are. Row after row of trees, the branches twisted and gnarled, green leaves still in the morning. The tall, unmown grass is wet with dew and glittering in orange and yellow light.

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