Thursday, May 22, 2008

Rotten, Rotten, Spoiled Rotten!

Sometimes (Often!) people are lovely and incredible and generous and fun. They are! They counter all the times that people are petty and mean and boring. For example...

Yesterday I was chatting with Gigi. I was playing shopgirl in my friend's store* and simultaneously watching Fiddle and Faddle who had an unexpected half day and needed emergency child care. It was an overly busy and super committed day in week (and month) of the same.

I have my 10 year college reunion this weekend and I had squeezed in the errands that needed to be done, except one. I really wanted a haircut but I just was out of time. My hair was fine, nothing major in the land of disaster, but I'm growing it out and it had been months since it had seen any scissors. It could use some shape to make it purty.

So, when Gigi said she would be late the next day for the shop because she was getting a haircut, I told her I was jealous. Not in a snarky mean way, but in a genuine envy way.

Fast forward to today and Gigi came into the shop looking totally lovely with a brand new do! She had chopped significant amounts off for a gorgeous bob and looked glamorous indeed. Stopping in front of the counter she said, "I asked and they have an appointment at 1:45- you must go! I will cover the shop. Go, go, go, call them now!"

So I called and booked the appointment and then ran down to the salon where the receptionist greeted me and declared, "You're all set, all you need to do is take care of the tip."

Wow! How insanely generous is that? Gigi had remembered that I wanted a haircut from one off-hand comment that I made in 2 hours of conversation. She then secured me a time, covered for me at the shop, and then called and paid for it! Holy smokes!

I made a quick stop at the florist downstairs from the salon and got a little bouquet of spring flowers. Nothing extravagant, but just a little 'thank you'.

I am spoiled rotten, rotten, rotten.

And, I have fabulous hair that is ready for reunion!

*My friends own a little store and I work there when they need extra help or go on vacation. I usually wind up taking one shift a week to give them some extra help and availability.

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