Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Continuity, People, Continuity

I work from home a lot. I often have the TV on for both entertainment and simple background noise. I'm not extremely picky about what is on (and often I just put on music) but I have some standards.

On a typical morning I might watch the 9 AM showing of a repeat of Monk on USA and the Gilmore Girls on ABC Family around 11 AM.

I mention these two shows in particular because I feel like they illustrate a prime example of one of my small annoyances, the random nature of daytime repeat television. Episodes of Monk are followed by Walker, Texas Ranger. Ugh. Really? Not for me. And after Gilmore Girls, Full House. Yikes. Do these audiences in any way overlap? What would compel the schedulers to choose these shows to follow one another? Drives me bonkers.

I can't tell you how many times I've been working and after a few minutes look up disoriented to realize that my background noise involves a bar fight in Texas or a dilemma about a game of spin-the-bottle.

I know, really, the burdens I carry are unbelievable....

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