Thursday, May 15, 2008

Wednesday Evening Adventchas

Last evening I had a chance to catch the band Bishop Allen when they played in town. My friend, Darcel, is a fan having seen them before in a little venue in San Francisco, so she got the cheapo tickets and we headed out. The crowd was small even for a mid-week concert in our not-very-large town, but such is the glamorous life of rock and roll. We were mildly impressed with the first opening band and fled the scene during the second band's set in an effort to preserve our hearing and sanity. We passed the time enjoying some beers and watched the dancing antics of the very young fans in the audience. Finally Bishop Allen took the stage and they were well worth the wait. Skinny, geeky guys who play some serious guitar, the overall sound is pop but not annoyingly so. If you get the chance- check 'em out when they're in a town near you.

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