Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Guilt Monkeys

See this grossness? Do you have any idea what it is?
These are Sea Monkeys. But they aren't- they aren't Sea Monkeys at all, they are Guilt Monkeys. I bought these for Fiddle's birthday...in September. Both Fiddle and Faddle begged me to let them hatch them at my apartment. They (probably quite correctly) declared that they would never be able to raise them at home.

So I said yes. No big deal. It's just some shrimp in a container. The did, as advertised, provide the boys with a lot of amusement and some minor science education. But as mid-June rolled around I realized that with the boys away at camps most of the summer there was no way I could ship the Monkeys home with them.

Simultaneously, I began to approach the end of the magic Sea Monkey food pouch. Nine months is not a bad run for a single pouch of Monkey food, but now I had a dilemma.

Practical good sense said that when the boys finished school and were no longer a near daily visitor to my apartment I could ditch the Monkeys. Not my job.

But the fact is, I just couldn't do it. I could think of no good ending. Let them starve? Pour them down the drain? After 10 months of feeding these little gross fresh water shrimp I just couldn't do it. I mean, I know that they are probably generation 473, and not the original Monkeys but it didn't change the heartless killer thing.

Anyway, my karma probably couldn't take it. I need all the good karma I can get. I have no idea what I did in a past life, but it has seriously messed with portions of my karma in this life. Especially things to do with my car or me and cars in general...

So what did I do?

Yes, I bought more food. I searched high and low and finally found it at a shop in town. Of course it wasn't just food, I had to buy the whole package. Well, not the container, but the Monkeys, the food, the whole shebang. Like I would grow more Monkeys??!!?

So now the Guilt Monkeys swim happily in the gross container, procreating like crazy and eating Monkey food till their hearts content. Wait, do Monkeys have hearts? Must check Wikipedia...

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