Thursday, July 3, 2008

Love Is A Battlefield...Will Make DPW Workers Laugh

So my car is currently residing at the repair shop. It has a little problem, but it won't PERFORM said problem for the mechanics who seem to believe me but kind of are starting to think I'm nuts. Great. Join the club. Since my car is in the shop and I had need of transportation this week, my lovely friends, The Three Zs, loaned me their spare. It is a two-seat hard-top convertable that is rarely used by them. Wheee!

Today I took the back way over to their store where I am working for a few hours. Along the way I cranked up the radio and let my hair fly. I sort of looked like a demented blond Medusa in a teal convertable. Heh.

Van Morrison's Brown Eyed Girl came on the radio and I sang along. Basking in the sunshine and warm breezes. Then maybe Elton John and I did a duet to Don't Go Breaking My Heart. I ROCK as Kiki Dee. (I really wish I had that hot hair, oh wait I did when I was 4! And the overalls are a statement for sure, that combined with the hair and the smooth dance moves is more awesomeness than I can take. I'm watching that video a hundred times tonight.) Then the lovely Pat Benetar burst forth with Love Is A Battlefield! (Ohhellzyeah! I so remember this video.) So maybe I was singing along. Loudly. In a convertable. Maybe I didn't think much about it as I slowly drove by the DPW guys working on the side of the road. Not until I noticed them doubled up in laughter and waving at me.

Heh. They're just jealous. They want to drive the teal convertible and sing Pat Benatar in the sunshine instead of holding 'slow' signs and patching potholes.


LizzieJane said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for leaving such a nice comment,
I hope you have a lovely July 4th.
You have a very nice blog.

Jess in MA said...

Thanks! I get a kick out of all your lovely creations!